Digital Pathway To Freedom

Who said digital marketing was easy?  Many tools to assist in achieving your goals but where do you start?

My daily tools are Sitecore and Marketo. Would you like to know why I use these tools? Jhasmal is a site of all of my random ideas and strategies. You’ll find basic to advanced topics of interest.

Eighteen years has brought me to the path of being an Automation Marketing Manager. Maintaining some of the coolest aircraft websites in the world, and I didn’t learn everything on the job; along the way I read a couple of books, blogs and built my own sites.

Failure played a lot in my learning of online marketing. Plenty of campaigns with no real call to action (the thing you want the visitor to do).  Campaigns with no value to the user, but only value to myself such as “BUY THIS”.  If this sounds like your online marketing I hope you enjoy this site.

Digital Terms

SEM, SEO, Banner, PPC, and geofencing; what do these terms mean?

Technology Fear

Fear of technology slows down marketing departments.  Marketing relied on Information Technology (IT) teams in the past.  There was no need to learn technology.  Digital has changed this because it has put the expertise back on marketing.

Marketing Technology Is Better

Marketing can move quickly because of the shifting in technology processes.  Computer systems are wizard based allowing for little to no programming knowledge.

Marketers can set up campaign websites in minutes, causing increased methods to deliver ROI.  Measuring is simple due to campaign sites being able to generate their own reports.

About Jhasmal Hardyway

My name is Jhasmal Hardyway and I’ve spent years understanding social media and websites. I’ve grown a corporate facebook fan page from 0 follows to over 100,000.  Grew Twitter for the same company from 0 to 50,000 before transitioning.

Jhasmal’s Philosophy

To get good at anything you must do it.  Standing on the sidelines and never actually doing the work isn’t real.  Opinions are everywhere but rarely do those with them actually do the work.