Leading Digital Best Practices

Best practices are somewhat misleading. How can you take another companies’ practice and use it as your own?  Just because it worked for their company why would it work for yours?  Are you selling your product to their exact same customer base?

My Teams Best Practices

I like to challenge my team to create our own best practices.  While finding things that aren’t working it tends to lead to items that become best practices.  Eliminating things that don’t work quickly allows us to direct our focus.

Resisting Technology Is Useless

Resisting technology doesn’t stop it from happening.  Companies fall short when things need to change; but as a marketing professional you must assist/drive change.

Change is part of understanding how customers are growing.  Customers look for different things at different times in life.  The message used a year ago may not pertain to a customer now thus causing poor responses to ads.

Resisting Is Accepting Defeat

Technology makes it easy to talk to customers quickly.  Email and instant messaging allow for faster customer interaction.  If you don’t choose to accept technology your competitors will.

Forget Buzz Get To Work

Whether it’s the latest buzz word or social media platform quit following the crowd.  It’s not about the number of platforms but how you use them.  If you only use one platform and are getting a return it’s success.  The return doesn’t have to be a sale but could be brand recognition.

What’s the plan for the buzz?

If you are following the latest buzz craze what’s your plan?  List out specifics of what you tend to get out the platform.  Usually this will be very difficult to do because most of the time it’s an irrational decision.

Good Web Deal Is Best

You may be the manufacture of the product but that doesn’t matter. Web visitors want the product but at the best deal. They are willing to search online for days to find the right price.

Visitors don’t care where they purchase the item as long as the site is legitimate. It doesn’t matter if it’s EBay, Walmart or Amazon when the product arrives it’s the same.

The Deal Is In The Visitors Control

Control is in the hands of the shopper with so many sites selling the same products. Within minutes web visitors can shop for a product in any state. With shipping prices low and not to mention shipping speed being quick any concerns of time is eliminated.

Relevant Content Drives Traffic

Relevant Content Drives Traffic

The ability to be relevant is having what a visitor wants.  Visitors search for answers daily, but does your site have the answer?  Your answer to the question determines if you will receive traffic.  Visitors want exactly what they are looking for; no negotiation.

Relevant Experience

Websites have completely changed the way visitors shop.  It’s normal for visitors to leave one site if they can’t find something and visit another.  Although the visitor didn’t find what they were looking for there’s still instant gratification.  No driving or wasted time just free online browsing.

Fear Stops Creativity

Fear keeps the best websites from being built and the best online marketing campaigns from being achieved.  Doing something that no one else is doing takes guts.  It’s considered risky but it’s truly just something new to a company.

No More Fear

You must evolve, the only way to do that is to try something new.  Eventually the marketing campaign you continue to run will stall.  What will be your new campaign?  Don’t wait until you must change before deciding to be different.

Changing Old Ways

Changing the old ways of thinking in a company is hard.  Old thinking with the introduction of new technology is a bad mix.  Moving people away from, “this is how we’ve always done it” is a feat.

Moving From Old Ways Takes Courage

Fear of the unknown is what keeps companies from moving.  The chance that you could destroy something that has always worked keeps people from risking it.

Having a vision that everyone can understand will combat the fear.  The achieved value will help people understand the importance of taking the risk.