What Is Marketing

Marketing is the ability to present a message to a potential customer and persuade them at some point to buy.  The action to buy may not be instant; it could happen over a matter of weeks or even months.

The decision to buy can be based on different factors.  One of the main factors in the buying process is a products price. The more affordable a product is the easier it is to convince a customer to purchase.

What is marketing online verse print?

Online is pretty much the same as print except that is done on the web. It still tries to convince a customer to make a purchase.  Many companies are starting to make the switch to online marketing due to its cost.  Print is an established media and can be two times as high as online media.

Since online is still considered to be a fairly new channel it’s very easy to get started.  There are many places that support online such as Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn.  Larger companies use media buying companies that allow them to promote on  private web sites.