Reviews Of Your Favorite Slot Cars

Not all cars are created equal, these reviews will point out the advantages and disadvantages.  Before purchasing your next slot car read up on what makes it special.  Each review will cover handling capabilities, magnet control, speed and extra features.

Reviews of cost

Slot cars come in a range of different costs, ranging from $15 all the way to $70.  Does cost mean that the car is the best?  Learn how to pick the right car for your price range.

Carrera Vs. Scalextric Vs. Fly

There are multiple slot car brands on the market, which is best?  Do you have to stick with one brand or can you run them on the same track?

Racing Sets Reviews

Racing sets are back, but are more advanced than tracks of the past.  There are analog and digital tracks.  Tracks for car sizes of 1/43, 1/32, 1/24 and HO.  Which track should you choose?

Racing Sets Track Costs

Costs can be as low as $70 but rise as high as $600.  How do you determine which track is best for you?

Collecting Cars Building Collections

Cars are my love but I don’t have enough money to buy every car of my dreams. They help me to experience all types of vehicles. Don’t get me wrong, slot cars can be expensive too. I try to purchase most of them at $25 or less. Every now and then I may deviate if I’m looking for something special but not often. You can keep up with this blog to see how I do it.

eBay is where I like to find most of them.  It’s a good place to start to save money.  Running the cars on a track can be rough with crashes.  Spending $50 on a car that crashes can be upsetting.  Race with cheaper ones and use the other expensive vehicles for display.

Collecting can provide joy in different ways.  There’s no need to let it put you into a bind.  Simple tips on bidding and researching will help you along the way.

Slot Car Posts

Flipping Slot Cars Making Profit

Flipping cars is a way to make a little extra cash.  Slot car lots are a perfect way to do a flip.  Go to eBay and type “slot car lot” in the search box.  This is a way to buy multiple cars at a bulk price.

Look for cars that have 1 day left with 0 bids.  These are the best cars to try and get the best deal on.  Many times at this stage no one is going to bid or they forgot about it.  Don’t bid on the car until there’s only an hour left or below.

Bidding on cars too soon draws attention to the auction.  It seems like if you bid early the auction is shown to more people (personal opinion, not sure if it’s true).

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of cars that you’ve purchased in a lot auction.  Figure out how many cars were in the lot divided by the price.  This is the average price of each car.  List the individual cars in the spreadsheet and the date you purchased them.  This will help later when you go back to sell them, you’ll know what to charge.

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