Let’s Talk About Slot Cars

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Not all cars are created equal, these reviews will point out the advantages and disadvantages.  Before purchasing your next slot car read up on what makes it special.  Each review will cover handling capabilities, magnet control, speed and extra features.

Pictures and Discussions

Reviews of cost

Slot cars come in a range of different costs, ranging from $15 all the way to $70.  Does cost mean that the car is the best?  Learn how to pick the right car for your price range.

HO = smallest slot car size

  • HO cars are good for small spaces
  • Can fit on a pool table, ping pong or air hockey table
  • Can be a little expensive due to collector enthusiasts

1/43 = a little larger than HO

  • Good for kids
  • Good for small spaces
  • Cheap to get into the hobby

1/32 = medium scale

  • Good for large rooms
  • Requires lots of space on floor or custom table

1/24 = largest scale

  • More expensive
  • Carrera brand car
  • Custom built car

Carrera Vs. Scalextric Vs. Fly

There are multiple slot car brands on the market, which is best?  Do you have to stick with one brand or can you run them on the same track?

Kids Can Learn With Racing Sets

Building Up Your Slot Car Collection

AFX HO Muscle Car Shoot Out

Carrera Camaro

1/43 Carrera Ferrari 599

1/43 Carrera Mercedes AMG

Fly Dodge Viper

Scalextric Lamborghini

Carrera Huracan

Porshe 918 Carrera Spyder