Nissan 350z or 370z Rough Ride

This Autoart Nissan I picked up in a combined auction. It’s a rough ride for sure but it’s a fun little car. This car has hardly any traction once the power is sent to the back wheels.

Autoart cars capture the true beauty of the real thing. This Nissan the motor is in the front and it has an axle supplying the power to the back. You can see the details of the seat and dashboard.

It comes with front and rear lights.

Nissan 350z front lights

Autoart Bugatti Veyron

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Luxury Driving Aston Martin

Luxury feel describes the Scalextric Aston Martin. It’s not a racing machine but a car which will show the highest level of slot car manufacturing.

Driving this car is fairly quiet and it handles elegantly. The magnet positioning is very adequate thus helping it easily stay on the track.

Luxury has been pushed to the highest level; working lights in both the front and rear. It has the ability to take a DPR chip converting it to digital.

Scalextric AMG Mercedes

Scalextric AMG Mercedes

Scalextric AMG is built on a platform that allows for high performance. Sitting low to the ground is an advantage for this car. In true Scalextric fashion the ride is absolutely smooth.

The working front and rear lights add to the realism. A new car would include a wing, thus helping with the down force. This was a used buy that I found on ebay that the wing had broken off. Without the wing this car likes to break the backend loose on turns.

DPR capability is standard option with this car. You can purchase the DPR chip on or on Amazon.

Solarbeam Mercedes AMG

Solarbeam is one of my favorite little cars to play with. This little car is zippy, and gets to speed pretty quick. In addition this little car can be hard to handle on corners. That’s truly one of things that makes this car fun. It will test your driving abilities to see if you have enough skill to push the boundaries.

The back end of the Solarbeam likes to come off the track. I don’t know if that’s due to magnet position or this little car is just too fast.

I call this car zippy because when you give it power it makes a zip noise.

Haribo AMG GT3

Haribo Mercedes-AMG GT3

Haribo Mercedes seems to be a little wider in the front compared to other 1/43 Carrera cars. This is one of the features of it being based off the AMG.

I have one other 1/43 AMG Mercedes and what they have in common is the suction they maintain around the track. While they won’t fly off the track the suction kind of slows them down. I don’t know if it’s the magnet or the wing that creates the suction.

Haribo Mercedes has a little more detail than most of these small cars. The quality seems to be just a smidge better. It could be since the car is black it appears to be more detailed.

Audi RS 5 DTM Carrera Slot Car

Audi RS is one sweet racing car with bright yellow and green color. The complete car is covered in a cool green graphic and fades in yellow. Shaeffler is on the hood, doors and roof which tells who the advertisement represents.

DTM designed slot cars run very well due to their weight coupled with the magnet positioning. Depending upon track size there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get this car up to top speed.

Ruggedness of the Audi RS 5 is perfect for kids in addition to adults. The only small parts are the mirrors but they are connected pretty strong. The rear spoiler seems to be attached in a manner that it would take a really hard crash for it to come off.

Audi RS 5 Front
Audi RS 5 DTM Front View

BMW M4 DTM Review

BMW M4 DTM Carrera Slot Car

BMW M4 runs soft which allows for very little noise. Weight to power ratio is well balanced thus causing this car to be a real track competitor. The magnet position allows this car to be very smooth as it cruises around the track.

Red, white, black and blue are the primary colors for the BMW M4. The logos are great looking replicas to the real thing in addition number positioning on the window.

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McLaren Honda MP4 30 F1 Slot Car

McLaren Honda F1 on a small scale means a very quick and responsive slot car. Like all F1 cars their lowness to the ground allows them to conquer any track. They tend to show their true advantage on tracks with many curves.

The styling of this car is a little boxy and nothing fancy like the Red Bull F1. There are a few advertisements listed on the car such as Mobile 1, Honda, Hilton, CNN, SAP, Pirelli, and Segafredo.

These little Carreras have a little bit of a rough ride. Sounds like a train on tracks instead of a slot car. The sound is probably from the strength of the magnet keeping it on the track.

McLaren Honda Left Angle
1/43 McLaren Honda F1 Carrera Slot Car