AFX HO Muscle Car Shoot Out

AFX Muscle Car Track
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AFX Muscle Car Shoot Out is an HO track which is good for people with limited space.  The track has three setting on the power strip.  These setting reduce or adds to the amount of power given to the track.  The first setting makes it easy for novices or kids to play with the track.

There are instructions for five different layouts which gives multiple ways to play with this AFX track.

AFX Track Layouts

AFX Layout Instruction

It’s a rough running track which causes the cars to be rather noisy.  If you need a track to play with while people are sleeping this isn’t the one.  When the cars enter a turn it’s like the guide on the car is hitting the corner somehow.

This is a rather expensive track, I feel like it should run a little smoother.  But this may just be a feature of HO tracks to not be as smooth as the bigger 1/32 tracks.

If you like speed and can get past the noise this is a good choice.  Switch the current to the middle or last level and these little cars fly.  They are so fast that you can hardly see them move and in addition they fly off the track.  The set comes with two cars, you can purchase additional cars for around $25 each.

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