Audi RS 5 DTM Carrera Slot Car

Audi RS 5
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Audi RS is one sweet racing car with bright yellow and green color. The complete car is covered in a cool green graphic and fades in yellow. Shaeffler is on the hood, doors and roof which tells who the advertisement represents.

DTM designed slot cars run very well due to their weight coupled with the magnet positioning. Depending upon track size there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get this car up to top speed.

Ruggedness of the Audi RS 5 is perfect for kids in addition to adults. The only small parts are the mirrors but they are connected pretty strong. The rear spoiler seems to be attached in a manner that it would take a really hard crash for it to come off.

Audi RS 5 Front
Audi RS 5 DTM Front View

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