Carrera Ferrari 599 1/43 Slot Car

Carrera Ferrari 599
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Carrera Ferrari 599 1/43 is the perfect starter car.  If you are looking for a car that is light weight and quick, it’s the one to choose.  Car design is rather unique, thus helping it to stand out among others.

You can purchase this little car for between $15 and $20.  There’s no lights or special features on these cars.  Detail is kept at a minimum, comparatively not at the level of a 1/32 car.

The cars are built to be tough, thus will last for quite some time.  The only items that are sensitive are the mirrors, which are prone to breaking off.  Besides the mirrors everything else stays intact.  The toughness allows them to be used by both children and adults.

Carrera Ferrari 599 Pros

  • Small size
  • Price
  • Excellent cornering capability
  • Comes in multiple colors

Ferrari 599 Cons

  • No front or rear lights
  • No easy way to ad digital chip