Carrera Huracan Low Fast On Rails

Carrera Huracan
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Carrera Huracan is one exotic sports car that is a head turner.  This slot car replica makes a statement as well and lives up to its name.  The stance on the car allows it to perform on the track.  It handles turns easily and gets up to speed very quickly.

The engine shows through the back window like the real car.  In Carrera like fashion there is also a driver.  Green is the color of choice on this car and it shows beautifully.

In comparison to the Camaro in the picture the Huracan is a little shorter.  The small size of the car keeps it very light.  The weight mixed with the magnet creates a high performance monster.  It also sits a lot lower than the Camaro; the resemblance of both of these cars are very similar to the real thing.

Carrera Huracan and Camaro

Carrera Huracan Camaro Side

These two cars were purchased on eBay for $55 as a result the cars were $27.50 each.  The only issue is the Huracan is missing the passenger mirror.  Besides that there are no other issues and the cars run very well.

Camaro American Automobile Legend