SEO Keywords

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become something difficult for people to understand.  It’s actually pretty simple.  Use words in your web pages that people actually use when performing a search.

SEO Example

You make motorcycles and you want to be found for “Rad Motorcycle”.  You must have the term “rad motorcycle” listed in the web page.  It’s pretty common to to hear people complain they aren’t being listed but they don’t use any terms.

Setup your directory structure to be specific as well.  Use structures like  The for-sale in the directory tries to capture someone who types in “motorcycles for sale“.   Your main domain tries to capture the “motorcycles for sale”.

Meta titles play a huge part so make sure to have them on all pages.  Include meta descriptions on pages as well.

Test your SEO and adjust it until you get it to a place you like.  Don’t be afraid to manually submit index requests to Google for indexing.

Review sites that show up in search rankings.  Look at their directory structures and how often they use certain words in their web pages.