Ford Capri Zakspeed Black

Ford Zakspeed Capri is one of my favorite cars to play with.  It came with my YoungTimer Showdown track.  If it didn’t come with the track I would have never purchased the car.

Balance of the car’s weight is one of the best. Driving the car around at a high speed is really easy. In addition it’s a good fit for all types of drivers.  Cars like this probably get overlooked; unless a person was part of the generation when it raced.

What’s interesting is Wikipedia mentions that the race car had very little in common with the Ford Capri for the public.

Ford Capri Top

Open Box Youngtimer Carrera Track

Yesterday I received my open box slot car set from Amazon.  The set is exactly what I was hoping it would be.  The box was a little damaged on the outside but the track is perfect.

The scale size of a 1/24 set is hard to explain.  If you’ve never seen one it will truly surprise you.  My experience is with 1/32 slot cars and I thought they were big.  There’s no comparison between a 1/24 and 1/32 track.  You truly need some serious space to play with this track.

I haven’t had a chance to put the set together yet.  I’m hoping to do that tomorrow.  I’ll post additional pictures of this open box item once I get it set up.

Carrera opened box slot car track

Carrera Youngtimer Track Completely Assembled

Open Box Inside

Carrera 1/24 has a high standard of luxury

Today was my first exposure to a Carrera 1/24 slot car. The quality of these cars is the highest that I’ve ever seen. The weight of the car is heavy plastic; it felt superb as I held it in my hand.

I’ve never seen a slot car as big as this one. The Carrera 1/24 car has lights and I believe there’s a digital chip in it by default. The cars are a little pricey but truly worth it. The detail that has been put into the building of this car is like an actual model car.

I don’t have a Carrera track to actually run it on, but that will be my next purchase at some point.