Ford Daytona Prototype Scalextric

Ford Daytona Prototype is a good car to take to participate in friendly racing. It’s pretty quick and runs very smooth. It’s probably better suited for tracks with a long straight, which would allow the car to get up to speed.

There’s plenty of advertisements around the car. One of the main advertisements is Target following smaller ones such as McDonalds and Cessna.

The Scalextric Ford Daytona Prototype comes with front and rear lights by default. That sets it apart from similar cars like the Nissan R390 by In addition another benefit is this car is DPR ready so insert the chip and it’s a digital racer.

Ford Prototype Top View

Ford Prototype Rear View

Daytona Prototype Wikipedia Page

Limited Editions Allow For Prices To Rise

Limited editions allow for slot cars to be collectables. It creates a platform where toy cars can be considered investments.  You can’t afford to wait for a car to be used hoping that it will become cheaper.  There’s a good chance the longer you wait the higher the cars cost will rise.

Both Carrera and Scalextric make limited editions of their cars.  Scalextric likes to put their limited edition cars in a specialized box. It’s usually a purple box with a special paper wrapper around it.

Carrera doesn’t really do that, but they build a limited quantity for most of their cars.

Limited Editions Ferrari Top
Limited Editions Ferrari Side
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Scalextric AMG Mercedes

Scalextric AMG is built on a platform that allows for high performance. Sitting low to the ground is an advantage for this car. In true Scalextric fashion the ride is absolutely smooth.

The working front and rear lights add to the realism. A new car would include a wing, thus helping with the down force. This was a used buy that I found on ebay that the wing had broken off. Without the wing this car likes to break the backend loose on turns.

DPR capability is standard option with this car. You can purchase the DPR chip on or on Amazon.

Lancia LC2 Racing 1985

Lancia LC2 is light and very quick, thus ideal for experienced racers.  The lightness is kept on track by a very strong magnet.  There are no front or rear lights on this car.

Slot it cars are known for their high detail which this car is no different.  Vibrant red and green colors cover this car.  The advertisements are very authentic.

In addition, black tires with yellow Dunlop lettering make this car look even more real.

This car is zippy, the sound of the engine is what makes it worth the cost.  It has a winding sound when the motor gets wound up causing it to sound like a real race car.

Lancia Left Facing

Lancia Top View

Lancia Back View

Camel Yellow Porsche 908

Camel 908 Porsche is a slot car for adults.  While it drives very well its body is fragile.  It has one mirror that can easily fall off.  If the car is dropped the body will crack.

Analog is the default setting for the slot car.  To make this car digital it will need to have an aftermarket chip such as Scalextric c7005.  A hole must be drilled into the bottom of the car.  Once the hole is drilled the bulb will fit directly through it.

Camel 908 Bottom

The body of this car is two pieces.  The rear wheels are contained in one section, thus once unscrewed it will completely dislodge itself.  The body setup makes it a little difficult to work on.

A very strong magnet keeps the Camel glued to its track.  There are no special features to this car such as rear or front lights.

Camel Yellow Front

Camel Rear

AutoArt Bugatti Veyron

AutoArt Bugatti Veyron has all  wheel drive traction. The car handles very well using the all wheel drive system.  Not to mention the weight of the car keeps it glued to the track.

Inside the vehicle are a woman and man.  It reminds me of a Carrera slot car with the driver.

Low sound quality is expected by this type of car in addition it translates into smooth drivability.

AutoArt Bugatti Top View

AutoArt Bugatti Front View

F1 Racing Blue Team Spirit

F1 racing slot cars are low to the track which makes for fun and fast racing.  Speed is not only useful on straights but turns are no problem.  The handling on this car is exceptional which makes it easy to drive for all skill levels.

Very smooth movements make this car a contender to any slot car.  Feel confident taking this car to any open event racing.  If not coming in first with this car it will be a close second.

F1 Team Spirit Left Side

F1 Team Spirit Direct Front

F1 Team Spirit Right

Fly Porsche 908 Digital Modification

This Fly Porsche is one of the first cars I received in a “lot” purchase.  Five other cars were included for $100.  After receiving the car I inserted digital chip Scalextric c7005. This allows the car to run in both analog and digital modes.

Adding digital capabilities required me to modify the car, thus effecting value.  Modified by drilling a hole in the bottom of the car making room for the lane change bulb.

Running in analog mode the car is very fast; which it occasionally wants to fly off the track.  When switched to digital a little bit of the power seems to be taken away.  It’s still faster than most cars though.  The ride is a little rough but that’s due to this being an older car with magnet placement.

Fly 908 Porsche Front Orange

Fly Porsche 908 Back

Fly 908 Porsche Bottom

Scalextric Orange Lamborghini Good Deal

This Scalextric Orange Lamborghini was purchased for $17.50.  It handles really strong on curves.  The car isn’t missing anything, all mirrors are in place and hasn’t been modified in any way.

This is a DPR plug ready car; when new it was priced between $30 and $50.

Scalextric Orange Lamborghini Left

Scalextric Orange Lamborghini Front

Scalextric Lamborghini Orange Right

Scalextric Lamborghini Orange Rear