Green Huracan A Beautiful Machine

Huracans are naturally beautiful machines and their small slot car replicas are no different.  The details of this green Lamborghini shows exactly what makes these cars so special.

The V10 engine has been captured through the back window.  This is an engine that is said to produce 602hp.  Some serious power in a lightweight car.

It’s hard to believe that the real version of this car was introduced in 2014.  With a strong design this car still looks good in 2019.  You can learn more about the Lamborghini Huracan on Wikipedia.


Carrera Digital Racing App

I was excited to try the Carrera Racing app so I downloaded it to my phone.  After an hour of trying to figure out why nothing was happening I realized it needs Carrera 30369 App Connect Set to work.

Going to put that on my wish list for future purchases.

I’m a little bit disappointed because Scalextric Arc Pro Upgrade has this feature automatically built in.

Ford Capri Zakspeed Black

Ford Zakspeed Capri is one of my favorite cars to play with.  It came with my YoungTimer Showdown track.  If it didn’t come with the track I would have never purchased the car.

Balance of the car’s weight is one of the best. Driving the car around at a high speed is really easy. In addition it’s a good fit for all types of drivers.  Cars like this probably get overlooked; unless a person was part of the generation when it raced.

What’s interesting is Wikipedia mentions that the race car had very little in common with the Ford Capri for the public.

Ford Capri Top