Project Build Part 3 Audi DTM

Project build part 3 adding digital chip c7005 was somewhat of a success. I was able to prove that it is possible to put one of these chips in a 1:43 car. With that being said I ran into some issues that I didn’t foresee.

This small car has trouble crossing over the change lane track. It engages the lane change switch with no problem at the press of a button, but once it tries to change lanes it gets stuck. The guide is really small under the car so when it tries to slide over into the next lane it can’t. I tried to modify the track guide a little but didn’t want to risk messing up an expensive track for a $15 car.

The other issue with this project build part 3 is the car isn’t as fast anymore. The Audi is running around half the speed. It’s fast enough for training a young racer on slot cars but not for someone advanced. I may at some point take it back apart and see if I can fix the speed but right now it’s not a big deal to me.

Project Build Part 3 Bottom

Audi Project Build 1:43 Part 2

Project Build Part 2 Audi DTM 1:43

Project Build Part 2 started today on the orange Audi DTM.  I was a little surprised to see there’s a lot of space to work with inside this car.  The engine in the car is very small and there’s no unnecessary wiring.

I’m going to turn this car digital so it can change lanes and run on any lane.  To do this I’m going to use Scalextric chip c7005.  I’ve done this multiple times on Fly 1:32 cars but never on a Carrera 1:43.

Project Build Part 2 Inside
Project Build Part 2 Chip
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The car and and chip were purchased on eBay

Carrera 1/24 has a high standard of luxury

Today was my first exposure to a Carrera 1/24 slot car. The quality of these cars is the highest that I’ve ever seen. The weight of the car is heavy plastic; it felt superb as I held it in my hand.

I’ve never seen a slot car as big as this one. The Carrera 1/24 car has lights and I believe there’s a digital chip in it by default. The cars are a little pricey but truly worth it. The detail that has been put into the building of this car is like an actual model car.

I don’t have a Carrera track to actually run it on, but that will be my next purchase at some point.

Project Build Audi Non DPR Chip

My love with Carrera 1/43 cars is huge, these little cars pack some punch on a big track.  To take my love to the next level with these cars I’m going to try a project build.  Putting in a Scalextric non dpr chip to make one of these cars digital would be awesome.

There’s not a lot of space inside of these small cars.  I’m really concerned with the chip getting a little hot in such a small space.  Since these cars are on the low end of the cost scale this project build is worth the risk.  The car price is about $20 + another $20 for a chip if it works I’m still below the price of a digital 1/32 car with a chip installed.

Audi project build part 2

BMW DTM 1/43

Enzo Ferrari Made It Home

Enzo Ferrari is a luxurious sports car with performance power.  Based off of the founder of Ferrari I couldn’t wait to find one of these cars.  It took me over 3 months of waiting before I found this car for about $29.

I tested the car today and it runs pretty well.  It’s not the smoothest driving car that I have but it’s okay.  For a Carrera I expected it to be really smooth but it’s a little sluggish compared to newer Carrera cars.  This car isn’t a contender that you take to race your buddies.

What I love most about Ferrari’s are how the engines show through the back window.  This car is no different, according to wikipedia the Enzo has some serious power.

Engine‎: ‎6.0 L Tipo F140 B V12
Curb weight‎: ‎1,480 kg (3,260 lb)
Production‎: ‎2002–2004; (400 produced)
Transmission‎: ‎6-speed semi-automatic
Enzo Ferrari Back
Enzo Front
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Solarbeam Mercedes AMG

Solarbeam is one of my favorite little cars to play with. This little car is zippy, and gets to speed pretty quick. In addition this little car can be hard to handle on corners. That’s truly one of things that makes this car fun. It will test your driving abilities to see if you have enough skill to push the boundaries.

The back end of the Solarbeam likes to come off the track. I don’t know if that’s due to magnet position or this little car is just too fast.

I call this car zippy because when you give it power it makes a zip noise.

Haribo AMG GT3

Haribo Mercedes-AMG GT3

Haribo Mercedes seems to be a little wider in the front compared to other 1/43 Carrera cars. This is one of the features of it being based off the AMG.

I have one other 1/43 AMG Mercedes and what they have in common is the suction they maintain around the track. While they won’t fly off the track the suction kind of slows them down. I don’t know if it’s the magnet or the wing that creates the suction.

Haribo Mercedes has a little more detail than most of these small cars. The quality seems to be just a smidge better. It could be since the car is black it appears to be more detailed.

Ford Mustang 67 Carrera Racing Red

Ford Mustang 67 with red racing strips and a mean stance. A beautiful car that feels a little bulky when it’s unpackaged but once this beast touches the track everything changes. Handling is very smooth on straight aways however backend movement can be a little of an issue but for the most part magnet position is good.

Graphic details on this American Muscle car are fairly nice. Two white racing stripes with black outlines make this Ford Mustang 67 car desirable. The stripes go from the front hood all the way to the trunk lid like the real thing. Mustang is listed on both sides underneath the doors which give a classic feel. Custom license plate “PONYYYY” is displayed on the back between the dual exhaust pipes.

Mustang emblems are shown in their correct positions. The grill, side panels, and trunk lid house them. Hood and back fender display ventilation openings which give the feel of the car being cooled.

Ford Mustang 67 Left Side

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Valentine Slot Car Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

A good valentine slot car is the Carrera 1/43. Pricing is rather cheap when compared to others. Carrera designed these cars to be rugged but have decent graphics and looks. These cars can take a hit and continue to work with no issues.

Carrera cars can be found at a local hobby store or bigger stores such as Hobby Lobby. Ebay is also a good place to find these cars for purchase.

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Lap Run Video Carrera Camaro

Lap speed is a little tuff to achieve with the Camaro.  This car isn’t one that you will want to take to racing events.  It’s heavy  which makes speed pickup slow compared to other cars.

It’s a little bulky and stands higher than most cars off the track.  With the stance being a little higher the feel at cornering speed doesn’t feel too great; hence a feel it will fly off the track.


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