Viper HO Twin Deal Found

This Viper HO yellow slot car was found over the weekend.  I was able to pick up this beauty for $17 including shipping.  It’s a good addition to the red Viper that I found the week before.

These little cars are an easy entry into the slot car hobby.  If you decide not to continue in the hobby these cars won’t hurt your budget.  It’s easy to give them away or resale them.

An advantage to purchasing cars like this is it gives you the ability to buy spares just in case one breaks.  It’s a matter of time before one car stops working for any number of reasons.  When that happens you can use that car for a parts car.

Viper HO Red Yellow Front

Viper HO Red Yellow Top

Red HO Viper Slot Car

Viper Deals Added To HO Collection

Viper deals are still going strong on ebay in 2019.  I was able to pick up this red one for $19.80 (including shipping).  If you are looking to add some additional cars at a fair value I suggest considering one.

I’m not sure why these cars haven’t gained a lot of popularity.  The real car does have a following by American sports car enthusiasts.

This car requires a little bit of cleanup; I’ll do that this weekend and post back how it handles on the track.

Viper HO Best ebay Deal

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