Rear Stance Is What Makes A Car Beautiful

Rear stance is what makes each car different thus making it stand out from its competitors. A cars ability to keep the back tires planted on the track is attributed to its stance. Some have wide tires that tell everyone around that it means business and it’s ready to run.

Did you know the back of a car is a little wider than the front of a car? Most of the time it’s hard to tell but with sports cars it’s a little easier to see. It keeps the car from tipping over during turns.

Rear lights make a car instantly recognizable. It’s like looking into a person’s eyes to see their soul. A Corvette’s rear lights have a similar eye shape as a cat. In addition the lights are bright and can be seen from far back.

Mercedes from the back is a beautiful sign of luxury. It’s sleek, very stream lined and not so much fast looking but more of a high standard. This car tricks everyone because it truly is a racer.

Which Is Better? Corvette C7.R or Mercedes AMG GT3

Mercedes AMG GT – Wikipedia

Weekend Racing Be A Road Warrior

Saturdays are the perfect day for weekend racing with friends.  Right after morning chores of cutting the grass, cleaning the garage and washing the car. In addition any chores that were put off from last weekend.

A couple bags of chips, soda, pizza and it’s a perfect weekend racing day.  Roll out the new track design that has been kept secret.  Layout the event competitions for the day. Who can post the fastest lap? Who can lead for the most laps without causing a yellow flag? Introduce prizes for each winner of the events.  Prizes as simple as a bag of Skittles or a gift card left over from Christmas.

On the television is an episode of “Autobiography” for friends who are waiting to race.  Favorite episodes such as, “The Case of the Priceless Porsche” created by Motortrend.

Tinkerer, Racer or Collector

Why play with slot car tracks?

Why play with slot car tracks you ask?  It’s a great way to relieve stressful situations, thus causing a person to forget their problem.  It creates the wonderful feeling of happiness and creates a little bit of the adrenaline feel.

Playing with tracks for a short amount of time is long enough.  It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get to a relaxed mood.  The best thing to do is as soon as you get into the house play with your track.  It prepares you to forget so you can engage with everyone else in the home.

Ford Daytona Prototype

Ford Daytona Prototype Scalextric

Ford Daytona Prototype is a good car to take to participate in friendly racing. It’s pretty quick and runs very smooth. It’s probably better suited for tracks with a long straight, which would allow the car to get up to speed.

There’s plenty of advertisements around the car. One of the main advertisements is Target following smaller ones such as McDonalds and Cessna.

The Scalextric Ford Daytona Prototype comes with front and rear lights by default. That sets it apart from similar cars like the Nissan R390 by In addition another benefit is this car is DPR ready so insert the chip and it’s a digital racer.

Ford Prototype Top View

Ford Prototype Rear View

Daytona Prototype Wikipedia Page

R390 Nissan A Heavyweight Race Contender

R390 is the slot car to take when you want to truly compete.  The stance is very low which keeps the car stuck on the track.  Its wide body helps with the aerodynamics; in addition makes it look nice.

This little car is fast and very light weight. cars have a special type of frame that’s different than regular Scalextric cars.  Not sure of the motor type in these cars but I believe it’s a little different.

Advertisements are very detailed and it’s clear this car is sponsored by Nissan.  It has a rather unique blue checkerboard paint scheme.  It also has another sponsor Calsonic across the front.

The engine shows through the back window.  It gives a very detailed look of the exhaust.  It’s painted silver with a little bit of red on top.

The downside of the R390 is that it doesn’t have any lights on the front or rear.

R390 Nissan Side
R390 Nissan Top
R390 Front
R390 Nissan Back
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Nissan R390 Wikipedia page


Relationship Building Using Slot Cars

Relationship building over slot cars creates camaraderie.  It provides a place to discuss the newest car models while testing theories.  Comparing them to their real counterparts and researching each cars history.  History is what makes a car special or worth more than a comparable car.

Learning the history allows for conversation and the ability to tell a story.  Why was a car created to begin with?  Likewise who was its main competitor?  What was so special about this car that it deserved a place in history?

Slot Car Racing Is Contagious – a cool site to check out

Excitement Of Racing Is Contagious

The excitement of slot car racing is just as big as it was in the past.  The only difference is that most racing is inside of homes.  There’s no longer mall locations with big wooden racing tracks.

Tracks are setup to be entertainment pieces; which help in grabbing new people into the hobby.  Replicas of real tracks with mountains, pit lanes and people aligning the tracks; in addition racing sounds.

Racing with friends up to six has opened up new possibilities which makes it more fun.  This helps in creating small tournaments and building competitiveness.  Usually races are scheduled around other events such as barbecues, basketball tournaments, and NFL games.

The excitement around home motorsports racing is building.  Not only has the sport been around for years it’s been somewhat underground for a while but it’s starting to change.

When will you be racing next?  Where will you be racing?

Track examples for racing

Open Box Youngtimer Carrera Track

Yesterday I received my open box slot car set from Amazon.  The set is exactly what I was hoping it would be.  The box was a little damaged on the outside but the track is perfect.

The scale size of a 1/24 set is hard to explain.  If you’ve never seen one it will truly surprise you.  My experience is with 1/32 slot cars and I thought they were big.  There’s no comparison between a 1/24 and 1/32 track.  You truly need some serious space to play with this track.

I haven’t had a chance to put the set together yet.  I’m hoping to do that tomorrow.  I’ll post additional pictures of this open box item once I get it set up.

Carrera opened box slot car track

Carrera Youngtimer Track Completely Assembled

Open Box Inside