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NASCAR Deals Considered Collector

NASCAR seems to stay pretty expensive when looking at the “buy it” now option.  To get your hands on one of these beauties the best bet is an auction.  Don’t waste time bidding at the beginning of six days.  Look at cars with one day left and it will give a good indication of interested buyers.

Since drivers are well known, there’s potential for these cars to be collector items.  Collector potential drives  high pricing.  There has not been a new release of NASCAR in quite some time, but this could change.

Patience Is the best purchasing strategy

Patience Is the Best Purchasing Strategy

Patience is the best strategy when participating in eBay slot car auctions.  Keep emotions in check and stay away from rash decisions.  No one wins every auction, there will be plenty of losses.  Learn from the losses, adjust your plan for the next auction.

Don’t rush into any last minute purchasing.  Rushing raises the potential to over pay for a slot car.  Remember that car auctions repeat themselves.  If a car comes up on auction that you lose it will come up again in a future auction.  Chances of you winning the next auction goes up due to the person who you were bidding against has already purchased the item.

I’ve been trying to purchase one Lamborghini for two months now.  I’ve lost two auctions for this car, I’m confident that I will eventually win it for $25 or less.  The last auction I missed the car by .50 cents, it went for $25.50.

Bidding Smart Forgo Haste

Lot Grouping Slot Cars

Lot grouping on eBay is bundling cars together.  This is a way to purchase a large group of cars quickly.  This can be both a good and bad way to buy cars.  This bundling could be one of the best deals if all cars are in good condition.  On the other hand, if it’s a group of junk it can be bad.  When purchasing lots make sure to look at all pictures and read the descriptions.

Reading descriptions of the lot will explain the details of the auction.  They tend to tell the quality of each car and what could be missing or not working.  These type of auctions can be of value if no one else has bid on them.  Example, purchasing a lot for $70 that includes six cars.  Technically you paid $11.67 per car.

Bidding Smart Forgo Haste

Bidding Smart Forgo Haste

Bidding smart will keep slot car collection pricing down.  When placing a bid leave emotion out of it.  Logically plan bids to keep from making a rash decision.  Factor in the shipping price with the ideal price; this gives the highest amount to bid.

Input the highest bid total and forget it.  Let the auto auction control the bidding.  This will keep bidding wars down between you and someone else, driving up costs.

Monitoring cars make bids easier

Monitoring cars make easier bidding

Monitoring cars make it easier to bid on them.  The more you watch it’s simple to spot fair car prices.  The ability to quickly determine an overpriced car is crucial.  Research cars two weeks prior to bidding.  This helps to get a good range of what the price should be.  Don’t be afraid to ignore an auction that seems too high.

If an auction price seems too low or no one is bidding check the shipping price.  Sellers inflate the shipping price to recoup the money they miss on the selling price.  Use this information to create a list of sellers to stay away from.

Lamborghini Blue Ebay Find

This Lamborghini is a good find on Ebay. It took some patience because the auction was six days. I passed on a couple of auctions before on this same type of car. Patience is the key to truly finding the best deals. The auction end price for this car was $13.49 plus $4.70 for shipping.

Labmboghini Carrera Blue

During shipping the left mirror was disconnected. I was able to attach it back by pressing it in. Besides that, there is nothing wrong with this car.

Lamborghini Rear View

See more pictures of this car.

eBay Slot Car Deals Save Money

eBay can be a perfect place to find slot cars at a decent price.  Verify slot car prices against the manufacturer’s website first.  Also, it’s easy to overspend if proper research isn’t done.  Spend time understanding the average prices of slot cars.  Car prices can be very broad and expensive depending on the brand.  In addition, some sellers will test the market by intentionally over pricing cars to see if they will be purchased.

eBay Bidding Strategy

Know the maximum amount you are willing to spend before bidding.  Equally important don’t get caught in bidding wars, this will increase chances of overspend.  Maximum bids should be put into the system for automated bidding.  This will keep you from having the impulse to keep raising the bids.