Relationship Building Using Slot Cars

Relationship building over slot cars creates camaraderie.  It provides a place to discuss the newest car models while testing theories.  Comparing them to their real counterparts and researching each cars history.  History is what makes a car special or worth more than a comparable car.

Learning the history allows for conversation and the ability to tell a story.  Why was a car created to begin with?  Likewise who was its main competitor?  What was so special about this car that it deserved a place in history?

Slot Car Racing Is Contagious – a cool site to check out

Excitement Of Racing Is Contagious

The excitement of slot car racing is just as big as it was in the past.  The only difference is that most racing is inside of homes.  There’s no longer mall locations with big wooden racing tracks.

Tracks are setup to be entertainment pieces; which help in grabbing new people into the hobby.  Replicas of real tracks with mountains, pit lanes and people aligning the tracks; in addition racing sounds.

Racing with friends up to six has opened up new possibilities which makes it more fun.  This helps in creating small tournaments and building competitiveness.  Usually races are scheduled around other events such as barbecues, basketball tournaments, and NFL games.

The excitement around home motorsports racing is building.  Not only has the sport been around for years it’s been somewhat underground for a while but it’s starting to change.

When will you be racing next?  Where will you be racing?

Track examples for racing

Open Box Youngtimer Carrera Track

Yesterday I received my open box slot car set from Amazon.  The set is exactly what I was hoping it would be.  The box was a little damaged on the outside but the track is perfect.

The scale size of a 1/24 set is hard to explain.  If you’ve never seen one it will truly surprise you.  My experience is with 1/32 slot cars and I thought they were big.  There’s no comparison between a 1/24 and 1/32 track.  You truly need some serious space to play with this track.

I haven’t had a chance to put the set together yet.  I’m hoping to do that tomorrow.  I’ll post additional pictures of this open box item once I get it set up.

Carrera opened box slot car track

Carrera Youngtimer Track Completely Assembled

Open Box Inside

Average Pricing Is Affordable In 2019

The average pricing of Scalextric slot cars are affordable in 2019. Many cars are in the $39 range which gives many users access to them. At this price range it’s possible to purchase at least three cars per year.

Pricing slot cars at lower levels is very encouraging; it allows more people to be exposed to the hobby.  Prior many of the cars were around $50 which is difficult to spend on a toy.

There are multiple brands in that higher category such as NSR and  When you get into one of these brands you are a serious collector most likely.  They are considered the upper scale of slot car racing.  These cars are more delicate and require a little more care.  They are true replicas of their real counter parts.

Motorsports Home Racing

Motorsports Home Racing

Motorsports racing at home has changed considerably over the years.  Tracks have gotten longer in length while being able to hold larger cars.  Elaborate tracks can be built anywhere with store purchased tracks.  A hobbyist can build an exact replica of a real track over time.

Cars are very detailed and are tuned to be quick while sticking to the track.  Goodyear and Firestone tires give a realness to match the exteriors.  They come in a variety of models such as Formula 1, DTM, super cars, trucks, motorcycles, and vintage.

Digital chips allow home motorsports to be taken to the next level.  If you want to allow the car to be tracked for pole position or switch lanes add a chip.  Chips also allow for automatic car control that allow one person to race alone against a computer driven car.  It also allows the car to be run either direction on the track.

Racing controllers have more than triggers to control the acceleration.  Now they include a button that allows a driver to switch lanes at will.  With the ability to switch lanes there’s also ways to brake instantly.  Wireless technology allows racers to position themselves anywhere around the track.  Vibration feedback indicates the start of a race, low fuel or a flat tire.

Downloadable apps allow the track and cars to talk between each other.  Control top speeds, fuel usage, track lap times, change the weather and simulate pit stops.  Talking voices within the apps tell you which place you are in or when to pit.

Tracks are durable, made to last a lot longer and not easily break.  Interlocking pieces allow tracks to not slide apart while racing.  Very minimal dead spots in large setups like in the past.  If you encounter a dead spot extension wiring can be purchase to solve it.

Six car racing can be achieved on 1/32 tracks either controlled by people or the computer system.  Cars are able to run independently without being affected by another racer.  Yellow caution flags can be implemented to give a real world racing experience.

Racing Track Configuration

Viper HO Twin Deal Found

This Viper HO yellow slot car was found over the weekend.  I was able to pick up this beauty for $17 including shipping.  It’s a good addition to the red Viper that I found the week before.

These little cars are an easy entry into the slot car hobby.  If you decide not to continue in the hobby these cars won’t hurt your budget.  It’s easy to give them away or resale them.

An advantage to purchasing cars like this is it gives you the ability to buy spares just in case one breaks.  It’s a matter of time before one car stops working for any number of reasons.  When that happens you can use that car for a parts car.

Viper HO Red Yellow Front

Viper HO Red Yellow Top

Red HO Viper Slot Car

Limited Editions Allow For Prices To Rise

Limited editions allow for slot cars to be collectables. It creates a platform where toy cars can be considered investments.  You can’t afford to wait for a car to be used hoping that it will become cheaper.  There’s a good chance the longer you wait the higher the cars cost will rise.

Both Carrera and Scalextric make limited editions of their cars.  Scalextric likes to put their limited edition cars in a specialized box. It’s usually a purple box with a special paper wrapper around it.

Carrera doesn’t really do that, but they build a limited quantity for most of their cars.

Limited Editions Ferrari Top
Limited Editions Ferrari Side
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1:24 slot car track find; open item

I needed a 1:24 slot car track now that I figured out that a Scalextric wouldn’t hold a 1:24 car.  After doing some looking it appears that Amazon has damaged box items for sale.

I purchased a 1:24 slot car track for about $200 cheaper than the original price.  I will receive the track sometime this week and I’ll share an update.  This is a big risk so I’m hoping that the track is fine and only the box is damaged.

Open Box Track Item Has Arrived

Carrera Corvette 1:24

Project Build Part 3 Audi DTM

Project build part 3 adding digital chip c7005 was somewhat of a success. I was able to prove that it is possible to put one of these chips in a 1:43 car. With that being said I ran into some issues that I didn’t foresee.

This small car has trouble crossing over the change lane track. It engages the lane change switch with no problem at the press of a button, but once it tries to change lanes it gets stuck. The guide is really small under the car so when it tries to slide over into the next lane it can’t. I tried to modify the track guide a little but didn’t want to risk messing up an expensive track for a $15 car.

The other issue with this project build part 3 is the car isn’t as fast anymore. The Audi is running around half the speed. It’s fast enough for training a young racer on slot cars but not for someone advanced. I may at some point take it back apart and see if I can fix the speed but right now it’s not a big deal to me.

Project Build Part 3 Bottom

Audi Project Build 1:43 Part 2

Project Build Part 2 Audi DTM 1:43

Project Build Part 2 started today on the orange Audi DTM.  I was a little surprised to see there’s a lot of space to work with inside this car.  The engine in the car is very small and there’s no unnecessary wiring.

I’m going to turn this car digital so it can change lanes and run on any lane.  To do this I’m going to use Scalextric chip c7005.  I’ve done this multiple times on Fly 1:32 cars but never on a Carrera 1:43.

Project Build Part 2 Inside
Project Build Part 2 Chip
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The car and and chip were purchased on eBay