Scalextric Track Can You Run 1/24 Cars?

I purchased a 1/24 Carrera Corvette yesterday because I’m a Vette guy.  I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to run a 1/24 car on a Scalextric track.  I’m excited to see if it will work or if it would require some modifications.

The new car should arrive this weekend; I’ll post an update once I try it.  I would like to get an additional car once I verify that it can work.

Corvette Man Cave Sign


Luxury Driving Aston Martin

Luxury feel describes the Scalextric Aston Martin. It’s not a racing machine but a car which will show the highest level of slot car manufacturing.

Driving this car is fairly quiet and it handles elegantly. The magnet positioning is very adequate thus helping it easily stay on the track.

Luxury has been pushed to the highest level; working lights in both the front and rear. It has the ability to take a DPR chip converting it to digital.

Scalextric AMG Mercedes

Scalextric Orange Lamborghini Good Deal

This Scalextric Orange Lamborghini was purchased for $17.50.  It handles really strong on curves.  The car isn’t missing anything, all mirrors are in place and hasn’t been modified in any way.

This is a DPR plug ready car; when new it was priced between $30 and $50.

Scalextric Orange Lamborghini Left

Scalextric Orange Lamborghini Front

Scalextric Lamborghini Orange Right

Scalextric Lamborghini Orange Rear