R390 Nissan A Heavyweight Race Contender

R390 is the slot car to take when you want to truly compete.  The stance is very low which keeps the car stuck on the track.  Its wide body helps with the aerodynamics; in addition makes it look nice.

This little car is fast and very light weight.  Slot.it cars have a special type of frame that’s different than regular Scalextric cars.  Not sure of the motor type in these cars but I believe it’s a little different.

Advertisements are very detailed and it’s clear this car is sponsored by Nissan.  It has a rather unique blue checkerboard paint scheme.  It also has another sponsor Calsonic across the front.

The engine shows through the back window.  It gives a very detailed look of the exhaust.  It’s painted silver with a little bit of red on top.

The downside of the R390 is that it doesn’t have any lights on the front or rear.

R390 Nissan Side
R390 Nissan Top
R390 Front
R390 Nissan Back
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Nissan R390 Wikipedia page


Average Pricing Is Affordable In 2019

The average pricing of Scalextric slot cars are affordable in 2019. Many cars are in the $39 range which gives many users access to them. At this price range it’s possible to purchase at least three cars per year.

Pricing slot cars at lower levels is very encouraging; it allows more people to be exposed to the hobby.  Prior many of the cars were around $50 which is difficult to spend on a toy.

There are multiple brands in that higher category such as NSR and Slot.it.  When you get into one of these brands you are a serious collector most likely.  They are considered the upper scale of slot car racing.  These cars are more delicate and require a little more care.  They are true replicas of their real counter parts.

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Lancia LC2 Racing 1985

Lancia LC2 is light and very quick, thus ideal for experienced racers.  The lightness is kept on track by a very strong magnet.  There are no front or rear lights on this car.

Slot it cars are known for their high detail which this car is no different.  Vibrant red and green colors cover this car.  The advertisements are very authentic.

In addition, black tires with yellow Dunlop lettering make this car look even more real.

This car is zippy, the sound of the engine is what makes it worth the cost.  It has a winding sound when the motor gets wound up causing it to sound like a real race car.

Lancia Left Facing

Lancia Top View

Lancia Back View