Motorsports Home Racing

Motorsports racing at home has changed considerably over the years.  Tracks have gotten longer in length while being able to hold larger cars.  Elaborate tracks can be built anywhere with store purchased tracks.  A hobbyist can build an exact replica of a real track over time.

Cars are very detailed and are tuned to be quick while sticking to the track.  Goodyear and Firestone tires give a realness to match the exteriors.  They come in a variety of models such as Formula 1, DTM, super cars, trucks, motorcycles, and vintage.

Digital chips allow home motorsports to be taken to the next level.  If you want to allow the car to be tracked for pole position or switch lanes add a chip.  Chips also allow for automatic car control that allow one person to race alone against a computer driven car.  It also allows the car to be run either direction on the track.

Racing controllers have more than triggers to control the acceleration.  Now they include a button that allows a driver to switch lanes at will.  With the ability to switch lanes there’s also ways to brake instantly.  Wireless technology allows racers to position themselves anywhere around the track.  Vibration feedback indicates the start of a race, low fuel or a flat tire.

Downloadable apps allow the track and cars to talk between each other.  Control top speeds, fuel usage, track lap times, change the weather and simulate pit stops.  Talking voices within the apps tell you which place you are in or when to pit.

Tracks are durable, made to last a lot longer and not easily break.  Interlocking pieces allow tracks to not slide apart while racing.  Very minimal dead spots in large setups like in the past.  If you encounter a dead spot extension wiring can be purchase to solve it.

Six car racing can be achieved on 1/32 tracks either controlled by people or the computer system.  Cars are able to run independently without being affected by another racer.  Yellow caution flags can be implemented to give a real world racing experience.

Racing Track Configuration