Coffee Cars Breakfast

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Coffee on a Saturday is a way to catchup as well as do some racing.  Cars are always changing which provide many topics to talk about.  Topics could be about the newest slot cars on the market, or how to modify a car to be faster.

Regardless of the topics it’s truly just a way to see friends and enjoy good coffee.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Cars Breakfast”

  1. Hello Jasmal, just came across your site by accident and though I’d touch base with you, nice site by the way. I dont’ know if we’ve ever met as my wife and I used to go to slot car shows all over; Bob Beers show in N.Y., the show in Chicago (south of), Ohio, and California to mention the most popular. We created and manufactured the NU-RORA Co. back in 1999 and promoted our line via shows and our web site. Ended up selling our co. to Phil Phignon of RRR. look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hi Robert, glad you found the site. When I was a kid I loved slot cars and lost track of them as I got older due to work. I’ve just started getting back into the cars now that my daughter is older and it’s just my wife and I in the house. This site is my attempt to make sure slot cars are experienced by as many people as possible. Cars are one of the most enjoyable thing but it seems like most people aren’t aware of them. For some reason kids aren’t as interested in them due to all of the technology. My goal is to use my knowledge and skill to try and change that.

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