Collecting Cars Building Collections

Cars are my love but I don’t have enough money to buy every car of my dreams. They help me to experience all types of vehicles. Don’t get me wrong, slot cars can be expensive too. I try to purchase most of them at $25 or less. Every now and then I may deviate if I’m looking for something special but not often. You can keep up with this blog to see how I do it.

eBay is where I like to find most of them.  It’s a good place to start to save money.  Running the cars on a track can be rough with crashes.  Spending $50 on a car that crashes can be upsetting.  Race with cheaper ones and use the other expensive vehicles for display.

Collecting can provide joy in different ways.  There’s no need to let it put you into a bind.  Simple tips on bidding and researching will help you along the way.