Corvettes Fly While Fish Tailing

Corvettes Fly
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Corvettes are fun in both real life and in slot car racing.  These Fly slot cars are special due to their drive trains; thus delivering power to the rear wheels like a real car.  While fun to drive it makes the cars back end slide around.

Car pricing is an advantage, it’s easy to get one for mid twenties.  Assembled completely or as a kit are options for these cars.  Kits are simple to put together but require a screw driver and patience.

Lightweight and wide bodies let these cars fly in addition being low to the ground.  Ground position allow the cars to sit in the perfect position allowing great cornering.

These cars make good first slot cars for any age because they are cheap.  Similarly cheap equals low tolerance causing mirrors and wings to break easy.  Mirrors tend to just fall off on these cars which gluing them on is an option.  All cars in the picture below are missing wings and mirrors.

Corvettes Top View
Corvettes Top View

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