Digital Customer Buying Patterns

A digital customer is in complete control of their buying.  The internet has created a way to buy without ever talking to a real person.  While many people enjoy browsing stores there are others who like to shop within the comfort of their home.

Digital Customer Wants Easy Purchasing

The digital customer looks for simplicity, they want to purchase quickly.  This customer also is okay with browsing multiple sites to find the best price.  Once they find a website which they are comfortable with they tend to continue to purchase there.

Purchasing online is a normal way of life.  There’s no fear of making purchases but they are aware of possible dangers.  Due to dangers they tend to purchase from only well known sites.

They will also make visits to a physical store.  While in the store they will note the price of the product they are interested in and choose  to wait on the purchase.  Once out of the store they will research on the business website to find a special online price.


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