Flipping Slot Cars Making Profit

Flipping Slot Cars
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Flipping cars is a way to make a little extra cash.  Slot car lots are a perfect way to do a flip.  Go to eBay and type “slot car lot” in the search box.  This is a way to buy multiple cars at a bulk price.

Look for cars that have 1 day left with 0 bids.  These are the best cars to try and get the best deal on.  Many times at this stage no one is going to bid or they forgot about it.  Don’t bid on the car until there’s only an hour left or below.

Bidding on cars too soon draws attention to the auction.  It seems like if you bid early the auction is shown to more people (personal opinion, not sure if it’s true).

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of cars that you’ve purchased in a lot auction.  Figure out how many cars were in the lot divided by the price.  This is the average price of each car.  List the individual cars in the spreadsheet and the date you purchased them.  This will help later when you go back to sell them, you’ll know what to charge.

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