HO Slot Cars Mighty Punch Very Fast

HO Endurance Mega G Slot Car
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HO cars are small and built for individuals with limited space.  These cars a very tough and tend to not have small pieces that easily break off.

With there small size you would think they would be cheaper but that’s not the case.  These pint size cars still range between $25 and $30 new.  It’s possible to find these HO cars at garage sales.  They can still be fairly high in price at garage sales because they are often considered antique collectables.

One flaw of these cars is the engine is exposed at the bottom.  Once the car has been running for a while the engine gets hot, thus risking the chance of someone accidentally touching it.

Magnets are extremely strong in these cars but honestly do very little to keep them on the track at high speeds.  Depending on the track these little cars are better suited for adults, middle schoolers or teens.

HO Endurance Blue Front

HO Endurance Black Side