Kids Can Learn With Racing Sets

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Racing sets help kids by preparing them

Kids are in a time where there are many electronic devices such as video games, cell phones, computers and tablets.  Slot cars have been forgotten but offer a great way to educate.

Slot cars offer a physical device that cannot only be held but can be examined.  Physical gears, motors and tires are all things that work together.  Understanding how these things work as one can lead to a child becoming a future engineer.

Motors move cars fast or slow.  How does current make this happen?  How does a slot car controller transfer current to a track?  These are all questions that can teach a child to be an electrician?

Tracks provide a way to understand basic construction techniques.  Giving a child a framework to understand when to use curves and straights.  The ability to gauge bridge heights, in addition what happens when a bridge is too steep.

Curve rails keep the cars on track thus keeping their toy from flying off.  It seems like a simple piece of plastic but it teaches physics.

Kids Learn During Fun Times

Kids learn while they are having fun, because they don’t know they are being taught.  Providing children with tracks can have a lasting affect both now and in the future.

Look past the normal perception of it’s just a toy.  Think to the experiences that the race track provides.  It’s a way for fathers and sons to bond together and share a common interest.  It’s a door way to discuss hard topics that every parent experiences with their children.

The months from October to January children are stuck inside.  This is a perfect time for them to have slot cars that require some fixing.  Maybe they have a car with a broken tire that needs to be repaired.  It may cause some frustration initially but over time it will teach them to repair it themselves.

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