Patience Is the Best Purchasing Strategy

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Patience is the best strategy when participating in eBay slot car auctions.  Keep emotions in check and stay away from rash decisions.  No one wins every auction, there will be plenty of losses.  Learn from the losses, adjust your plan for the next auction.

Don’t rush into any last minute purchasing.  Rushing raises the potential to over pay for a slot car.  Remember that car auctions repeat themselves.  If a car comes up on auction that you lose it will come up again in a future auction.  Chances of you winning the next auction goes up due to the person who you were bidding against has already purchased the item.

I’ve been trying to purchase one Lamborghini for two months now.  I’ve lost two auctions for this car, I’m confident that I will eventually win it for $25 or less.  The last auction I missed the car by .50 cents, it went for $25.50.

Bidding Smart Forgo Haste

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