Porsche 918 Carrera Spyder Beautiful Design

Porsche 918 Spyder Carrera
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Porsche 918 is a beautiful car in real life and in replica.  The sleek body lines flow from front to back.  The slot car is so detailed it is a little heavy but not too bad.  It’s not one of the quicker cars that I own due to it being somewhat heavy.

It’s a tough car, considering it has come off the track and fell to the floor.  The wing popped off but I was able to push it back on.  The mirrors stayed intact, which is usually the thing that breaks.

Porsche 918 Top View
Porsche 918 Top View

A car like this can be purchased around $30 on eBay.  It’s not a bad price but considering the price range it’s better suited to be for an adult or a teen.  Most eBay Porsche’s in this model are new; finding a used one is difficult.

Car size is average which works well with track performance.  Cornering is good but the back end can slide a little.  Due to engine strength not being incredibly strong the car feels a little sluggish.   Sitting on a straight and punching the trigger doesn’t generate any wheel spin as with other cars.

In true Carrera brand the Porsche comes with a driver.  Wish that the top on this car was removable to see within the car.  Also would like to see that front and rear lighting would come standard on models such as this one.

Porsche 918 Types

Other cars like this 918 Spyder are the Gulf Spyder and Marti Racing #23 918 Spyder.  Gulf 918 Spyder has a unique color scheme thus causing the price to be a little higher.

No modifications are needed to run this car on a Scalextric track. Unpack the car, make sure the track is in analog mode and it’s ready to go.

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