Rear Stance Is What Makes A Car Beautiful

Rear Stance C7.R and Mercedes AMG GT3
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Rear stance is what makes each car different thus making it stand out from its competitors. A cars ability to keep the back tires planted on the track is attributed to its stance. Some have wide tires that tell everyone around that it means business and it’s ready to run.

Did you know the back of a car is a little wider than the front of a car? Most of the time it’s hard to tell but with sports cars it’s a little easier to see. It keeps the car from tipping over during turns.

Rear lights make a car instantly recognizable. It’s like looking into a person’s eyes to see their soul. A Corvette’s rear lights have a similar eye shape as a cat. In addition the lights are bright and can be seen from far back.

Mercedes from the back is a beautiful sign of luxury. It’s sleek, very stream lined and not so much fast looking but more of a high standard. This car tricks everyone because it truly is a racer.

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