All Track Layouts Digital And Analog

Scalextric Test Track
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Scalextric is the brand of track that I use to run the 1:32 and 1:43 cars.  It’s a dedicated oval with a pit and lane change tracks.  The setup is both analog and digital allowing to maximize the number of cars it can run.

Arc Pro Power Base Upgrade kit allows it to be digital at the flip of a switch.  Force feedback controllers control the cars; up to six cars at once.  Car tracking is controlled by the Scalextric Arc app installed on a Samsung Galaxy J7 Smart phone.  Digital cars can run in any direction.

Real world racing sound is controlled by Tunez speaker.  Gives bass to engine sounds simulating performance.

Carrera Go 1:43 GT Contest

In a addition I also have a Carrera Go track that I play with occasionally.  The Carrera Go is the GT Contest which is a small figure 8 track.  It was the first track that I purchased before upgrading to Scalextric.  

Not a fan of the remotes that belong with the Carrera Go tracks.  You have to use your thumb to press them down which is hard for me to control the speed.  I’m thinking they built them like that for small kids to push down easily.  They also come with a small clip to put on the controller to limit the speed.

I consider Carrera Go tracks to be the best tracks in comparison to their cost.  You can buy one of these  little tracks for $99 or less.  When you want to purchase additional cars it’s usually $20 or less.

Carrera 1/24 Youngtimer Showdown

I have gotten lucky and found a 1/24 Carrera Youngtimer Showdown track at a price within my budget.  This is by far is the most expensive track that I’ve purchased.  I think the Scalextric 1/32 track prepared me to work my way up to 1/24.

Out of all of the tracks that I currently own this Youngtimer Showdown is my favorite.  It gives the feeling that you are truly in a race competing against another driver.

Since I recently purchased this track I don’t have any additional accessories.

Young Timer Showdown Full Layout

AFX  Muscle Car Shootout HO

The last track that I have is a small AFX Muscle Car Shootout that I don’t play with much.  It’s a good track for small confined spaces.  Growing up as a kid this is the type of track that I was most familiar.  I’m not much of a fan of these HO tracks now because the cost of the cars are a little steep to me.

AFX Muscle Car Track