Scalextric Track Can You Run 1/24 Cars?

Scalextric Track
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I purchased a 1/24 Carrera Corvette yesterday because I’m a Vette guy.  I’ve always wondered if it’s possible to run a 1/24 car on a Scalextric track.  I’m excited to see if it will work or if it would require some modifications.

The new car should arrive this weekend; I’ll post an update once I try it.  I would like to get an additional car once I verify that it can work.

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One thought on “Scalextric Track Can You Run 1/24 Cars?”

  1. Wow, I received my 1/24 Corvette slot car today. The size of this car is unbelievable!!!! For the record you CANNOT run a 1/24 Carrera on a Scalextric track. I cannot explain to you how big this car is – its impressive.

    Now at some point I’ve got to get a Carrera track. I’m not sure where I will set it up but I will be getting one.

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