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Used Ebay Slot Car Purchase
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A slot car is a great way to collect cars without spending on the real thing.  I’m getting near 30 slot cars in my collection and made some extreme purchases.  These types of purchases taught me some lessons.

A used slot car is just as good as new

Used can be a great way to get cars at half the price of new.  There may be some scratches but in most cases they are unnoticeable.  If you are okay with an occasional mirror missing but everything else looks fine you will find a treasure in the used market.

Slot car collectors seldom are harsh on their cars so in many cases the car will look new.  These types of cars are harder to find, they will be owned by  someone who has decided to no longer be in the hobby.

A good place to start with looking for used cars is  If you don’t know much about cars it’s a good idea to start at or  This will help you get an idea of how much a car costs new so you don’t over bid on cars.

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