Rear view of two small 1:43 Mercedes AMG

These smaller cars are harder to take pictures of for some reason.  They don’t have as much detail as their bigger replicas.

Here’s the back view of the black AMG GT Mercedes.  When I first purchased this car I didn’t realize it was candy.  My wife instantly was like, “that’s the gummy candy we get at the store”.  The next time I went to the store I had to find it.

Black Mercedes Rear

I love these types of cars in real life; if you have a chance to drive one do it. These cars when you turn the steering wheel inflate one side of the seat to keep you centered. It’s pretty awesome, but the first time you feel the seat move it’s weird.

Scalextric AMG Mercedes

Scalextric AMG is built on a platform that allows for high performance. Sitting low to the ground is an advantage for this car. In true Scalextric fashion the ride is absolutely smooth.

The working front and rear lights add to the realism. A new car would include a wing, thus helping with the down force. This was a used buy that I found on ebay that the wing had broken off. Without the wing this car likes to break the backend loose on turns.

DPR capability is standard option with this car. You can purchase the DPR chip on or on Amazon.

Solarbeam Mercedes AMG

Solarbeam is one of my favorite little cars to play with. This little car is zippy, and gets to speed pretty quick. In addition this little car can be hard to handle on corners. That’s truly one of things that makes this car fun. It will test your driving abilities to see if you have enough skill to push the boundaries.

The back end of the Solarbeam likes to come off the track. I don’t know if that’s due to magnet position or this little car is just too fast.

I call this car zippy because when you give it power it makes a zip noise.

Haribo AMG GT3

Haribo Mercedes-AMG GT3

Haribo Mercedes seems to be a little wider in the front compared to other 1/43 Carrera cars. This is one of the features of it being based off the AMG.

I have one other 1/43 AMG Mercedes and what they have in common is the suction they maintain around the track. While they won’t fly off the track the suction kind of slows them down. I don’t know if it’s the magnet or the wing that creates the suction.

Haribo Mercedes has a little more detail than most of these small cars. The quality seems to be just a smidge better. It could be since the car is black it appears to be more detailed.

Mercedes 1/43 Silver Carrera

Small Carrera cars are a good way to get into the hobby. The first track I started with was a track from Hobby Lobby that I used the 40% coupon on. If you aren’t familiar with the Hobby Lobby coupons download the app for the store on your smart phone. Once you have the app look for the coupons section. You can only use the coupon on one item.

This Mercedes I got on EBay brand new for around $15. The Hobby Lobby stores in my area don’t carry these cars individually anymore. It was a brand new car sold by user power_hobby.

I run these 1/43 cars on my Scalextric 1/32 track. Due to their small size I can get these cars up to full speed on the straights. To get them to work I had to shave the both sides of the guide so it would fit in the slot.

Carrera AMG 1/43 Silver