Fly 908 Pricing Consistently Going Higher

Fly 908 pricing has risen since the end of 2018. These cars were moderately priced but now are starting to approach the higher end. It’s difficult to tell what has caused the spike in pricing.

Two years ago these cars could be found for as little as $20. It appears to be as of today the starting range is around $50. If the pricing holds, it could be a good time to sale these cars.

Ebay Fly 908 Cars

Fly 908 Digital Chip Modification

Fly Porsche Pricing Increasing

Fly Porsche have dramatically went up in price since I last was on ebay. Taking a two month break and something caused a spike which has lead to a significant price increase. Whether people are actually purchasing this type of car at these prices is a different story.

How does a car double in price in such a short amount of time? I’ll be keeping an eye on these auctions to see if purchases are being made. I have a feeling this is truly just aggressive sellers trying to inflate prices.

Fly Porsche is a good car for any slot car enthusiast. Very easy to work on in addition they have what I like to call a two piece body. The motor sits in a back section of the car that is easily removable and can be replaced quickly.

After doing some looking I found one ebay Fly Porsche Auction at a decent price. It will be interesting to see how this one ends.