Indy HO slot cars over priced 2019

Indy HO cars have been priced at the highest end of the scale. It has opened the door to some cars on the market that aren’t in good shape. Quality currently is not a priority for sellers right now. There’s a lot of cars priced in the $40 to $50 range with broken wings and cracked tires.

The better investment is to purchase Indy cars new. When a new car is between $26 and $30 it’s hard to justify spending more on a used one. There’s no upfront maintenance cost for new cars.

Always consider the cost of the car + shipping and any type of maintenance that it will require. If you have to buy new tires, brushes or guards include this in deciding whether or not to purchase the car. It’s easy to quickly rack up costs since the parts for the cars aren’t typically really expensive. When an HO car starts to reach $100 it’s important to decide whether it’s cost beneficial.

HO Dodge Viper Good Buys For 2019

Viper HO slot car best ebay deal 2019

Viper HO slot cars are hot picks for 2019. With these cars still being fairly new and not truly considered hard core antiques the numbers aren’t inflated. Pick one of these cars up for about $20 including shipping. Don’t rush to purchase these cars, I see the prices on them staying steady.

Vipers cross between a muscle car and exotic which has confused customers. This has made the growth of these cars stumble. If you are looking for a car to add to your collection for future growth consider adding one of these beauties.

In the next two years the desire for these types of cars will grow. Collectors who are in their forties will be looking for these. There are truly two cars who somewhat fit the exotic American car; Chevrolet Corvette and Dodge Viper.