Web Tools Need Less Focus

Web tools are the first thing that marketing organizations focus on.  A sales person calls and instantly it’s a new tool the company must have.  The marketing team ends up with multiple tools none of them being used correctly.

Problem with having too many web tools

Too many tools can hurt your budget and cause you to have unnecessary technical issues.  The more things you need to try and connect to one another makes it complicated consequently making marketers technical support people.  You need to make your web solutions as simple as possible.  Be a marketer first and then become a technical person if needed.  Often times, marketers want to be technical first and forget their job is to entice individuals to purchase products.

Eliminating the need for web tools

Focusing on the goals of the marketing team helps to decide which tools are needed.  Only take sales calls from people who have a tool to match your current needs.  This will help to not waste your teams time and keep you from being pressured into something you don’t need.

It’s easy to receive many emails with the latest promises of how to increase ROI.  It’s up to you to weed through the noise and determine if it can truly help you.  Don’t let a sales person make decisions for you therefore causing regret later.

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