Young Timer Showdown Is Amazing

Young Timer Showdown Full Layout
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Young Timer Showdown is truly one of the best slot car tracks out there. It’s a track made for true slot car enthusiast to test their skills.  It requires a lot of space so if you are interested keep that in mind.

Working lights make this track special; you can turn them on and off at the remote. The cars size make racing seem very real. While the cars move around the track it’s easy to see the advertisements.  It comes with a Ford Capri and a BMW M1.  These cars are more than adequate to enjoy this track.  Once you experience the racing you’ll instantly want to purchase additional cars. To extend the racing for myself I’ve added a Mercedes and Corvette.  Two of my most favorite cars.

The sound of the cars is rather unique, I’m not sure what type of motors are in these cars.  They truly make a zip sound that I’ve never heard.  It makes them sound like they are accelerating and decelerating.

The only thing about this track is that it it takes some time to setup.  There are some little red clamps that must be inserted into each piece of the track.  It’s really tedious but it helps the track stay together.  If you don’t use them the track likes to easily separate.  You want to set the track up in a place where you can leave it for a while.  It would be really tough to undo this track and put it back multiple times.

When I purchased this track I was really concerned because of the cost.  Now that I’ve played with it I know that I made the right decision.

How did I end up with this open box item?

YoungTimer Showdown Cars